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PrEP for Intimacy

An article recently published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine examined what motivated HIV-negative gay men in relationships with other HIV-negative men to use PrEP to reduce their HIV risk. Many such men have relationship agreements that allow sex outside the relationship, and so HIV risk may remain even if both partners have been tested prior to beginning their relationship.

What the researchers found was that those men who enjoyed having condomless sex with their primary partners because doing so increased their intimacy, as opposed to for other reasons, were more likely to use PrEP to reduce their HIV risk. Older men were also more likely to use PrEP, while men with less than a bachelor’s degree were less likely to do so. However, it was intimacy that remained as the most profound motivator for PrEP use in men who were in relationships with other men. The investigators hypothesized is that this was because men who care that much about being intimate with their partners may also care a lot about protecting their health.

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