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Five Reasons Using Scam Treatments May Have Improved Your Symptoms

One of the more common responses to my stating that something is a scam treatment because there is no scientific evidence for the product’s claims is, “But it made me feel better!” That is a wonderful outcome, but it doesn’t mean the treatment worked.

Although it’s tempting to extrapolate a product’s benefits from your personal experiences, there are many reasons why using a scam treatment might make you feel better that have nothing to do with the product actually working.

Below, you will find five reasons why your symptoms might improve while taking a scam treatment… even when the treatment doesn’t actually work.

1.  You’re Experiencing The Placebo Effect

The placebo effect refers to the fact that often just taking a pill or using a cream can make people feel better — even if the medication contains no active ingredients. Just because you feel better after using a treatment does not mean that thetreatment is what made you feel better.

2.  Time Heals All Wounds – Or At Least Makes It Seem That Way

Symptoms for many diseases naturally improve over time. For example, people with genital herpes usually experience less frequent outbreaks the longer they’ve been infected, and those outbreaks become less severe. In addition, sometimes the immune system is capable of dealing with an infection itself if it is given enough time.

Still, it is important to know that just because a disease has no symptoms does not mean it isn’t causing long-term damage. If you have experienced STD symptoms, you should discuss testing and treatment with your doctor — even if your symptoms have resolved on their own. This can help you to avoid some of the long-term consequences of STDs, such as infertility.

3.  Taking Action To Help Yourself Lowers Your Stress Levels

The symptoms of many STDs, and other diseases, become worse with stress. When you feel powerless over an illness, it can stress you out — and possibly make your symptoms worse.

The simple act of finding and using a treatment can make you feel better simply by giving you a sense of control over your illness, reducing your stress, and making it easier for your body to cope.

4.  You’ve Made Other Changes In Your Life That Are Helping You Heal

Sometimes taking action to treat an illness also inspires people to make other positive, healthy changes in their life.

For example, someone infected with molloscum contagiosum, or another disease that spreads easily by touching the skin, might start to do a better job of washing their hands and avoiding contact with their sores as part of their treatment.

Treatments may also include recommendations for improved sleep, drinking large amounts of water, or other behavioral changes that can improve the symptoms someone is experiencing in and of themselves.

5.  Using a Treatment Prevents You From Doing Something To Make Your Symptoms Worse

The flip side of the previous explanation for a scam treatment improving your symptoms by encouraging healthy behaviors is that sometimes choosing to use a treatment may prevent you from doing something that makes your symptoms worse. For example, you might avoid using a different, more dangerous treatment; poking at, or otherwise irritating, sores and lesions; or using disinfectants that might dry out and damage your skin.

A treatment might also keep you from continuing to have sex with an infected partner and exposing yourself to a disease again if it advised you to avoid intimate contact or had an odd smell.