Let's Talk (Intelligently) About Sex

Alternatives to Monogamy Open to LGBTQ+ Individuals and Couples

Interested in attending a workshop on alternatives to monogamy?

I’m co-hosting a two-day, in person workshop with Eileen Casella Rider on August 17-18, 2019 at the Whispering Pines Conference Center in West Greenwich, RI

Currently, there are 25 seats available
($350/seat + Room & Board)

This workshop is for LGBTQ+ individuals and couples who are thinking about exploring alternatives to monogamy – whether you’ve already opened up your relationship or are just trying to decide if that’s something you want to explore. This two-day workshop is designed especially for individuals and couples who would like to explore the possible joys and challenges of various alternatives to monogamy. Specifically designed to be a safe place for LGBTQ+ people to explore options for opening up a committed relationship, allies are welcome, but this is a judgment-free zone.

This weekend retreat is held in a setting conducive to safely sharing and discussing feelings of insecurity and jealousy that may have prevented you from talking openly with your partner.

Because this is the inaugural workshop, we are offering it at a reduced rate. We hope that it will be a wonderful experience for you, and that your experience and feedback will help us grow the program in love and trust.

Tentative Agenda

Day 1
9:00 –
Intro and tell our stories
10:00 –
What is Non-Monogamy? Is it for you?
11:00 –
Smaller Groups
12:00 –
1:30 –
Celebrating and Acknowledging our Differences
2:15 –
Basic Skills Required for Success
3:45 –
Guest Speaker
Day 2
9:00 –
Group Insights and Reflections
9:30 –
Gender, Sexuality and Presentation
11:00 –
A Couple in the Spotlight
12:15 –
1:15 –
Imagining Success
2:15 –
Talking about Sex
3:15 –
Closing Circle