Let's Talk (Intelligently) About Sex

Sexuality Education

Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D. is an AASECT certified sexuality educator living and working in the Boston area. She is available for individual or group sex education sessions as well as presentations about sexual pleasure and health.

My Philsophy of Sex Education

Making informed and responsible sexual decisions can improve your sexual pleasure as well a your sexual health. Actively choosing how and when to engage in sex is the first step to becoming more satisfied with your romantic and sexual life.

Services Include:

  • Helping parents who want to engage in fact-based sexuality education with their children.
  • Teaching about sexual risk reduction
    • STD education
    • Basic safety information for people starting to explore BDSM
    • Safe sex instruction for individuals of all sexual orientations
    • Education about contraceptive options for women and couples concerned about pregnancy
  • Skill-building & education for dealing with sexual dysfunction
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Female orgasm difficulties
    • Divergent sexual expectations
  • Sex toy basics for novice buyers and users.