Let's Talk (Intelligently) About Sex



Here are the handouts for my AASECT Talk: Closed Minds, Open Relationships Communication Failures with Poly Clients.


As part of my M.S.S.W, I had the opportunity to put together the  Campus Sexual Assault and Gender Awareness Toolkit, a collection of resources for dealing with sexual and gender violence on college campuses. The full toolkit is available at the link.


I recently had the opportunity to present the talk “Treatment Beyond the Binary: How Structural Inequalities, Systematic Prejudice, and Arbitrary Categorizations Imperil Healthcare for Transgender Youth and Adults.” at the 7th Annual Health Disparities Conference, which took place on March 6, 2015. These are the links to guidelines and resources that I promised to provide to attendees.


For Transgender/GNC Care

For Improving Medical Education

For Staff Training

For Developing Affirmative Policies

Other Resources